hello everyone , spring is around the  corner, time to come in for your new tattoo and even brighten up your old tattoos  

 Here at skin of a different color were dedicated to give you the finest tattoos  at a fair price in the most comfortable atmosphere 

so come on in and checkout Craig Murphy, Mr Max, Dan Nortel, Eric Janovsky

  thanks for choosing Skin

Skin of A Different Color is Launched!

Skin of a Different Color has a new website! You can see our studios custom tattoos, artwork 

Our shop hours are:
Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-8pm
Friday & Saturday 12:30-10pm

You can also set up appointments for Natasha or Dan with the websites contact form here.

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Gas mask black and grey Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Custom sun rays Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Color Lotus Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Custom feather tattoo with script Tattoo Design Thumbnail